Sappi North America Lifestyle Photoshoot
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Thursday, March 30, 2017
By Johnson Photography, Inc.
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On November 16th, I was thrilled to be asked to do a Sappi North America Lifestyle photo shoot, the second corporate shoot that I had done for this particular vendor.

I was so glad that Patti Groh, the director of marketing communications, had asked for me for this project. She has been one of my favorite family portrait clients since 2007, and I always love getting to work with her! She and Olga Karagiannis, the manager of corporate communications, organized the half-day lifestyle shoot and worked closely with their agency, VSA Partners.

The Sappi North American headquarters, in the heart of downtown Boston, have roots that trace all the way back to 1854. They are known all over the world as market leaders in converting wood fiber into superior products. According to their website:
Today, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with three mills and over 2,100 employees, we continue that legacy of innovation and quality as a preeminent producer of printing and packaging papers, release paper and dissolving wood pulp.

Ahead of the shoot, I asked Sappi what they wanted to get out of the session, and they responded:
The purpose of the shoot was to obtain images that we could use in our Sustainability Report, employee newsletter, recruiting materials, presentations and our website. For recruiting, we wanted to show photos of some of our millennials and the type of culture we have at Sappi—one of innovation and creativity. For the Sustainability report, we wanted to show one of our executives and a new product we recently launched in the market.

The day of the session began with Patti and Olga as we fine-tuned the day’s flow as well as the locations of the numerous anticipated shots. We worked extremely well together and quickly got started capturing a “day in the life” at Sappi. It was easy enough to get great images, especially since the majority of their offices have large windows overlooking Boston Harbor, bringing in beautiful light and a calming backdrop!

One of my favorite aspects of my business is that every day is completely different. I TRULY love it and believe that I thrive on it. Each project brings unique challenges, making what I do both fun and interesting as I get to embrace a variety of projects. Best of all, I always get to meet and work with the most amazing people! Thank you, Patti and Olga, for an amazing lifestyle shoot!

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